Over 25,000 varieties of Diatoms are known, each with a different shape, and the deposits develop in different areas under different circumstances.  In most cases currents of water mix in all kinds of foreign material, some, such as arsenic, is very dangerous.

With over 600 deposits west of the Mississippi, and only four (to our knowledge) can be called “FOOD GRADE”, it is very important that people know what they are using.

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC, JUNE 1979, wrote a wonderful article explaining how the tiny shells are formed, and explains, somewhat, their importance to man.  It even shows how the shells kill insects by wearing through their cuticle and absorbing their body fluids. It kills by dehydration, not by chemical means, which is why bugs cannot become immune to Perma-Guard, Products, as they do to ALL CHEMICALS!

As samples shown on the border of this paper, you can see they come in many sizes and shapes.  The mineral analysis of each is similar, but the shape and the size of the holes in the shells are very important.  If you will notice, a magnified picture of our particular diatom is shown.  The size and shape is very important for the purpose of killing bugs or being added to animal foods for marvelous benefits.

For years we felt that the main benefits came from the 14+ trace minerals that were in the shell.  Imagine our surprise when a different shaped diatom shell, having virtually the same mineral composition, had a very different result when added to animal feed.

Basically the tiny shells pass all the way through the body.  Small amounts of the silica and the trace minerals are digested, but the really passes through the whole system, which means that the benefits are caused by electrical and physical characteristics of the Diatom

 The shells, manufactured by the diatom, from the minerals in the water are over 80% Silicon Di0oxide.  Silica is a necessary ingredient to a healthy body, but the real benefits seem to be because of three things:

  1. The shell magnified about 7000 times, shows to be a cylinder full of holes.  In fact, it


  1. The cylinder has a strong “negative” charge.


3.   Third, the cylinder is very abrasive.  Diamonds are the hardest things in the world.                     
      On the HARDNESS SCALE, they rank #9.  Perma-Guard Diatoms are rated at #7,
      While an insects cuticle is rated at #3.

The vast majority of deposits are very impure.  While being formed, water currents tend to bring in foreign material and mix it with the shells.  These are absolutely without value for our

Purposes, but many people tend to think if it is DIATOMACEOUS EARTH then it is the same as other deposits. 

There are many places where the deposits can be loaded up “free” and they have no value, and if it is sold for the uses we are interested, the user may get a very unpleasant surprise.
Many deposits are colored, so it is easy to say they are impure, but there are many deposits that look alike, and the only way they can be told apart is by mineral analysis and an electron microscope picture.  This is not feasible for a buyer to do, so he must depend on the supplier to protect his interests.

Any supplier should be glad to furnish needed information.  For Example, have the name and address of the seller on the package.  They should be glad to furnish a mineral analysis and an electron microscopic picture.  They should sell on a money-back guarantee, and carry product liability insurance.
PERMA-GUARD, INC. owns the patents for the use of Diatomaceous Earth for adding to animal feed, for use as a wormer, for protecting grain and seeds from insects, and as insecticides with natural Pyrethrum.  The history of these products goes back to the late 1950’s, and most of the testing required for registration was done by the PERMA-GUARD company.

Since the patents have expired, anyone can sell Diatomaceous Earth for those purposes.  That does not mean they know what they are doing.  For example, in the mixing of the insecticides there is a secret that is not in the patent.  Anyone mixing the products without this knowledge will have an inferior product.

Anyone wishing further information is free to contact PERMA-GUARD, INC. Located in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  Ph 505/873-3061 or, visit our Web site:  www.perma-guard.com, or E-mail permaguard@ aol.com


To learn more about how this works, Visit this site: RICHSOIL.COM

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